The Start and Evolution

Work began on the branch in the lunar month of the second spring of the year 1420ـ

The reasons for the opening of this branch 

  • There are a lot of communities of different nationalities working in the fleet

  • They need to learn the health belief according to the Quran and Sunnah

  • Call the non-Muslim community to engage in Islam and the integrity and rehabilitation to the invitation him

Branch Message

The religion with Allah is Islam

Branch goals

  • Tfiqih Muslims in religion according to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him.

  • Invite non-Muslims to enter into Islam, integrity and rehabilitate him to the invitation him.

Branch Activity

  • Establishment of lectures and lessons of various Muslim and non-Muslim communities

  •  Open programs and open days .

  • Advocacy Visits

  • The library occupies a large part of the section concerned with work space and program for reading and distribution of books and CDs and there are books b (12) language.

  • Leisure trips Muslim and non-Muslim communities with a view to their synthesis and introduce them to Islam.

  • Cultural competitions.

  • Visit ships visiting the eastern fleet and distribution of advocacy materials and gifts.

  • Distribution of labor advocacy material for drivers such as employment and household connected to them through the mosques.

  • Events – participate in programs branch Ramadan and Eid ceremony hosted by the Center operating, maintenance, and is distributed advocacy material.

  • The participation of communities in the fleet open days the main center.

Attached to the branch offices

  • Alnoor district

  • District 15

  • Marine Aviation Group

  • Rass al ghaar district

Future plans for the branch

  • Insert the Internet to communicate with the main branch

  • Find administrative staff  to be official branch

  • Find entertaining location for communities

Branch location

Eastern Fleet branch inside the base is located in the sea of the fleet Middle communities residence.

  • – Telephone and Fax 013364234 Ext 4127

  • – Mobile 0507451716

Supervision of the branch

Branch operates under the auspices of both:

  • Da’wah and Guidance Office and educating communities in Jubail

  • Religious Affairs Branch eastern fleet in Jubail

Communicate with branch

Branch Manager:

  • Ali bin Moaidh Asmari
  • Mobile / 0507451716
  • E-mail /

Administrative Coordinator advocacy:

  • Bader Al-Otaibi Mthieb
  • Mobile / 0509822076